Divorce, Dissolution of Civil Union, Termination of Domestic Partnership

The experienced Family Law attorneys at Guston & Guston can assist you at some of the most difficult times of your life. Whether a divorce, dissolution of your civil union or the termination of a domestic partnership, let us guide you through the economic issues that often can overwhelm even the most sophisticated person.

Children in Family Disputes

The Family Law attorneys at Guston & Guston care about children. We believe that decisions about custody and parenting time are best made by parents and not by lawyers and judges. Let us work with you to find alternatives to litigation when trying to make decisions for our children when relationships fail. But when alternatives don’t work, our family lawyers will be by your side in court to defend your rights and the rights of your children. We can help you with Child Custody, Parenting Time and Visitation and Relocation disputes. We can also help navigate the confusing maze of New Jersey’s Child Support Guidelines and find the best solutions for your child’s support and your pocketbook.

Pre-Nuptial and Mid-Marital Agreements

Whether before or after your marriage or civil union, the experienced family lawyers at Guston & Guston can assist you in crafting agreements that will protect your pre-marital assets, including family businesses, professional practices and licenses and investments. Let us help you reach agreements that will avoid costly and contentious litigation in the event of a divorce.


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