Surrogacy in other states

Guston & Guston can assist you in identifying matching programs in other states and assist you in negotiating surrogacy agreements with intended parents who live in other states. It is important to make sure that the Intended Parents are carefully interviewed and that all funds that will be paid to you to reimburse your living, medical and living expenses will be placed in a reliable escrow account to protect the funds and make sure you are paid on time.

How do I match with Intended Parents?

There are many ways to match with intended parents. Sometimes you will find a matching program to work with you that will assist in making a match. Some intended parents privately network using social media and you may find them directly. Guston & Guston can assist in helping you decide on the best plan for you.

Can I be compensated?

Under New Jersey law, you can receive reasonable reimbursement for your living expenses, legal fees, medical expenses and other pregnancy related expenses during the full extent of your pregnancy. Often there will be other expenses paid for lost wages, housekeeping and child care for periods of bed rest, hospitalization or time out of work for medical appointments. You may also be compensated for insurance costs for health insurance, life insurance or other insurances for the risk you are taking in carrying the intended parents’ child. Guston & Guston are experienced surrogacy attorneys who will protect your rights as a gestational carrier.

Where do I start?

We recommend that you speak with an experienced surrogacy lawyer when you are first thinking about becoming a gestational carrier to learn about all of your options and to consider all of the legal issues you may encounter. Deb Guston and the lawyers at Guston & Guston offer a comprehensive introductory consultation for women contemplating becoming gestational carriers.


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