For Birth Parents

Agency Placement

Deb Guston and the lawyers at Guston & Guston can help you find the right New Jersey adoption agency work with to get the counseling you need to make the right choices for you and your baby. A New Jersey adoption agency can help you make a match with an approved family who can provide your baby with the life you envision for him or her and help you make a plan for getting information and photographs or even remaining in contact with the adoptive family in the future. Deb Guston can work with you as you review and sign the legal documents to complete the adoption process to make sure your rights are protected.

Private Placement

Debra E. Guston and the lawyers at Guston & Guston can help you find a family anywhere in the United States who are approved by a licensed adoption agency and who want to adopt a baby. We can work with you to navigate the different laws and requirements of private adoptions and work with you to develop a hospital plan to make the delivery of your baby and the placement plan as comfortable for you as possible.

Can I receive support?

In New Jersey, an expectant mother can receive reimbursement for reasonable living expenses, legal fees, medical and counseling expenses and even for vocational counseling during and for one month after delivery of her baby. Debra E. Guston and the lawyers at Guston & Guston can help you negotiate and receive support.

Do I need a lawyer?

All birth parents have rights under New Jersey law that should be protected. Attorneys cannot represent both the adoptive parents and the birth parents – that would be a conflict of interest. You deserve representation by an experienced an lawyer to protect your rights as you make your decision to place your child, to seek reimbursement of expenses, to obtain medical care, and to get the counseling you may want. Debra E. Guston and the lawyers at Guston & Guston can offer you experienced and sensitive legal assistance. We always ask that the adoptive parents pay for your legal fees, but we always represent your interests – you will be our client, no matter who pays the bill.

Contested Adoptions

Have you placed a child for adoption and now want to object to the adoption being finalized? Are you a birth father who wants to parent your child and wants to object to the birth mother placing your child for adoption? Guston & Guston can answer your questions about the law and whether you can object to the adoption of your child. If you qualify as an indigent parent under New Jersey law, you can get an attorney appointed for you by the Court. Call Debra E. Guston to see what your rights are if you wish to object to the placement of your child.