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Same-sex couples and families have always confronted many, if not all, of the same personal issues as different-sex couples: how to divide possessions during a separation, how to start a family and plan smartly for the future. Unfortunately, same-sex couples have long confronted unique legal challenges in not just seeking legal recognition of their relationships and families, but also in knowing what to do in the event of a separation.

LGBT rights have come so far both in New Jersey and nationwide, and Guston & Guston has been at the forefront of understanding changes to the law and how they affect same-sex relationships in the state. Our family law practice has long taken into account the unique concerns and challenges that LGBT families face, and we are proud to continue this tradition, now that same-sex marriage is legal in New Jersey.

Partner Debra E. Guston is an Executive Committee member of the National LGBT Family Law Institute. Our firm is committed to staying at the forefront of developments in same-sex family law, and learning how to provide practical legal help to LGBT families.

Helping LGBT Families Navigate A More Open — But Still Complex — Legal Landscape

With the legalization of same-sex marriage in New Jersey and the overturning of a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) — both in 2013 — the legal landscape has suddenly become vastly more hopeful for same-sex couples in the state. At the same time, there are still complex issues that continue to affect same-sex couples and which call for an experienced legal guide.

For example, we assist clients with legal needs regarding these issues:

  • Whether to dissolve an existing civil union before obtaining a marriage license
  • How to terminate other state's relationships before marrying
  • Handling gay and lesbian adoptions
  • Considering the effect of moving to a state where same-sex marriage is not recognized

While the law continues to evolve toward full equality, our firm will be here to help our clients obtain outcomes to even the thorniest of family-related legal issues.

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