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The real benefit of prenuptial agreements is that they allow you to contemplate and make the major decisions that are part of a divorce, civil union dissolution or domestic partnership termination when you are not suffering under the stress that accompanies the end of a significant relationship. It can be very helpful to be able to make those choices before problems arise. Prenuptial agreements also help people protect family assets from claims in divorce, even when inherited assets have been used by you and a spouse or partner during a relationship.

At Guston & Guston, LLP, our Bergen County prenuptial agreement attorneys have the experience to maximize the benefit you receive from a prenuptial agreement. We also understand how to approach the process in way that is effective while remaining sensitive to the parties involved.

Understanding the Prenuptial Agreement Process

Prenuptial agreements are governed by state statute. Prenuptial, pre-civil union and pre-domestic partnership agreements all allow a couple to make the decisions before they marry or join in civil union that they would need to make at the end of a relationship. This minimizes stress and acrimony and can avoid lengthy and costly litigation should the relationship end. For many, it creates a sense of certainty and security before the relationship is formalized.

In New Jersey, the parties to a prenuptial or similar agreement should each have their own counsel and must disclose all assets and financial information. Both parties must also be afforded a reasonable amount of time before a wedding or ceremony to consider and sign the agreement. There are certain economic issues you can agree on and certain you cannot agree on in these agreements. For example, you cannot eliminate the possibility of a child support obligation, but you can agree on limiting what your spouse or partner can inherit from you.

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