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Child custody disputes most often focus on the rights of parents against one another. There are many situations, however, where people other than parents have a valid reason to seek visitation or even custody rights for children, and can seek help through the legal system.

Our family law attorneys recognize that families take many shapes, and in many cases, grandparents, stepparents, other relatives and even neighbors may play a critical role in raising children. When this role is threatened by a divorce or simply by parents who decide to keep these "psychological" or "de facto" parents from seeing children, our firm is here to help.

'How Do I Obtain Visitation Or Custody Of The Child In My Life?'

New Jersey has a significant history of addressing the rights of nonbiological parents to visit with and, in some cases, take custody of children. Courts have held that, in certain situations, visitation or custody may be granted to:

  • Grandparents
  • Stepparents who have not formally adopted a child
  • Nonparent partners in same-sex couples who have not formally adopted a child
  • Neighbors and friends who play a significant role in the raising of a child

Whether a dispute concerning visitation arises in the context of a divorce or simply a falling out between the parties, we approach "de facto parent" cases ready to argue aggressively in family court for a client's position and secure the maximum rights afforded to him or her under the law.

Just because you're not the parent, that doesn't mean you haven't played an important role in a child's life — and that role should be recognized in the eyes of the law. We can help make that happen.

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