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In our family law practice, we approach divorce cases keeping two core ideas in mind. First, we recognize that divorce is the legal process that will formally separate you and your spouse, and will result in important decisions about your rights concerning your children and marital property.

Second — but no less important — is the reality that divorce is the very first step in building a new life separate from your spouse. We understand that this can be an uncertain and even intimidating experience for many people. As lawyers, our first goal is to help our clients accomplish their legal goals and protect as many of their rights as possible. At the same time, we work hard to provide compassionate advice and be a sympathetic guide to help our clients achieve clarity and confidence that something good can come out of the conflict that marks many divorces.

An Experienced, Empathetic Guide Through The Divorce Process In New Jersey

Because no two divorce cases are alike, we approach each case we handle not by presenting a rigid set of services to our clients, but instead by having a one-on-one conversation where we can learn more about their unique circumstances, concerns and possible points of conflict with their spouses. Once we know what challenges confront our clients and what their priorities are for a divorce, we can recommend the right strategy to settle issues surrounding:

Our approach allows us to proactively account for variables like the size of a marital estate, work schedules that require creative parenting time schedules, or simply a spouse who is determined to be as uncooperative as possible. Our attorneys are experienced in both direct negotiations with spouses and their lawyers and advocating for our clients before family judges. We come to each case ready to pursue either approach, or both, in order to help our clients achieve their goals.

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