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Many parents hope to approach child custody issues in a divorce with a willingness to compromise, and avoid the contentiousness that can make the divorce process more harmful to their children than it might otherwise be. It is precisely because people take their rights and responsibilities as parents so seriously, however, that it often becomes necessary for a lawyer to assertively argue for a client's position before a family law judge.

Whether our clients maintain an amicable relationship with their spouses and merely need representation to negotiate and finalize child custody and support agreements, or know that they are in for a heated dispute, our firm is here to help. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience handling both delicate negotiations and contentious litigation. We approach every case ready to minimize conflict whenever possible, but willing to fight for a client's rights in court whenever necessary.

Helping New Jersey Parents Resolve Child Custody And Support Issues

When it comes to children and divorce, New Jersey law is designed to maximize children's well-being and ensure that they are financially provided for once parents are no longer married.

Our goal in divorce cases involving children is to do what is best for the children in question while achieving outcomes that benefit our clients whenever possible. For example, we can help clients:

  • Work toward a parenting plan that provides both parents with ample parenting time that meets the child's needs
  • Pursue sole custody of a child because the other parent is unfit
  • Ensure that the family court has full and accurate financial information on both parents so that it can make a fair decision regarding child support payments

Circumstances often change following a divorce, leading one or both parents to seek a change to an existing custody or support order. We can help parents modify or prevent modification to an existing court order or seek enforcement of an order.

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