Bergen County Family Lawyers

Divorces and other family disputes are never easy to endure. Even when spouses and partners want to maintain amicable relationships, there are almost always issues that result in conflict and can only be resolved through aggressive advocacy.

A lawyer can never completely remove the emotion from a family law dispute. What an experienced lawyer can do — and what our attorneys have done over their years in practice — is give people a clear way forward, and a plan for maintaining important legal rights even in the face of bitter conflict. At Guston & Guston, this is more than a goal: this is our commitment to everyone who seeks our services.

Personal, Compassionate Legal Help For Today's Diverse Families

Family law has changed considerably over the years to accommodate the changing face of today's families. Where our firm excels is in keeping up-to-date on all legal changes and how they affect our clients' rights and responsibilities.

We represent individuals with a full range of issues in the area of family law, including:

In all situations, we strive to minimize conflict and provide long-lasting solutions to difficult family-related issues. As experienced trial lawyers, however, our attorneys do not back down in the face of heated disputes.

Our firm has been a leader in the developing area of same-sex family law. We are a dedicated ally to LGBT families in New Jersey and to all families seeking to navigate what can be a confusing and frustrating legal landscape.

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