Glen Rock, New Jersey, Estate Tax Planning Attorneys

According to an old saying, only two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Because of state and federal laws, unfortunately, significant tax liabilities can result for family members following an individual's death.

At Guston & Guston, our estate planning and administration practice places as much emphasis on "planning" as it does on "administration." This means we help clients proactively seek solutions to avoid the confusion, instability and financial liability that can often fall on families after a loved one's death. Because taxes play such a critical role in how estates should be structured, we offer special assistance to clients throughout New Jersey seeking to minimize tax burdens for the benefit of family members and other loved ones.

We Help Clients Understand How Taxes Can Affect Their Estates. Then, We Find Effective Legal Solutions.

New Jersey has both inheritance and estate taxes that can impose tax obligations on certain property transfers following death. We identify creative ways to address these potentially significant financial penalties. Tools we often use include:

  • Executing one or several trusts to transfer property to intended beneficiaries
  • Making certain family members beneficiaries of a life insurance policy
  • Using charitable giving to balance out tax obligations
  • Establishing gifting programs

In addition to our own analysis and legal counsel, we also offer access to a network of highly experienced accountants and tax attorneys who can supplement our estate planning counsel.

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