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The days and weeks immediately following the death of a close relative are understandably emotional and trying. During this time, few people want to attend to the technical and sometimes complex issues of identifying and administering a decedent's estate.

Our estate planning and administration attorneys understand the importance of providing personal legal counsel that allows families to focus on grieving and rebuilding emotionally following a devastating loss. They also understand the importance of ensuring that a loved one's wishes are carried out as desired, or that in the absence of valid estate planning documents, that property is distributed fairly according to the rules of intestacy. At Guston & Guston, we take a burden off our clients' shoulders and ensure things are done right.

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All estates must go through the probate process to some extent. The involvement of the Surrogate's court depends largely on whether a decedent had a valid will and other estate planning documents in place at the time of death.

  • In cases where a loved one has died with a will, it must be filed with the Surrogate's court so that it can be validated. The executor named in the will oversees the identification and distribution of assets with some court supervision. Our attorneys, in turn, provide legal assistance to executors in ensuring that all legal formalities are followed and that executors properly fulfill their obligations.
  • If someone did not execute a will before death (or a will is determined to be invalid), the full estate will be administered according to the probate laws. An administrator will be named to oversee this process. As in cases where there is a valid will, we provide skilled assistance at all stages of the probate administration process.

Sometimes, there will be disagreement over whether a will is valid; this can significantly delay the estate administration process. We represent parties to will contests to ensure that their position is given fair consideration.

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