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Our experienced attorneys understand the importance of getting the details right in any legal matter. When someone's legal rights are in question, there is simply no room for error. Where this is especially true, however, is when it comes to formalizing one's most personal wishes in life and after death, and in carrying out the wishes of our loved ones.

Getting the details right — and giving our New Jersey clients peace of mind — is where Guston & Guston shines. Our attorneys have decades of combined experience helping individuals and families make sense of complex and often confusing laws. When someone comes to us needing to form an estate plan, or when a family seeks assistance with the probate or estate administration process, we understand that these are not cut-and-dry legal matters. They require superior knowledge of the law, but also empathy, compassion and the ability to make the legal process more personal and rewarding.

From our offices in Bergen County, we help individuals and families throughout New Jersey.

Our Services

We provide a broad range of services that fall within the realm of estate planning and administration. The core components of this area of our practice include:

  • Wills and trusts: Everyone needs an estate plan that addresses more than disposing of property following death. Plans are essential for giving guidance to loved ones during life regarding important medical, legal, tax and other decision-making. We encourage everyone — young and old, single or married with children — to put an estate plan in place.
  • Estate and probate administration: Many people who are named as executors quickly find themselves overwhelmed by the responsibility. Similarly, families of a loved one who has died without any estate planning documents in place are left to navigate a confusing probate process. We help clients make sense of the requirements and ensure that a loved one's estate is properly attended to following his or her death. Our firm also handles will contests and represents individuals both challenging and defending the validity of estate planning documents.
  • Estate tax planning: Smart tax strategies can help maximize one's estate and provide greater financial security to loved ones after death. We can identify legal issues and recommend the proper next steps to avoid potentially significant tax liability.

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