Medicaid Planning In New Jersey

Some people do not give much consideration to government benefits like Medicaid because they simply assume these programs will be available to them when they need them. Still others simply assume that they will not be eligible, and that there is nothing they can do to receive government assistance, even in the face of significant health care costs as they age.

It is a mistake to assume either scenario without first speaking with a qualified elder law attorney. At Guston & Guston, we have a dedicated elder law practice that assists individuals and families in New Jersey with the difficult questions that people face as they age. Because programs like Medicaid are among the most important benefits people with significant medical needs may take advantage of, we are dedicated to helping our clients maximize the government assistance for which they are eligible.

Helping People Maximize Their Benefits Eligibility When They Need It Most

Medicaid planning is essentially the process of identifying whether the size of an individual's assets will prohibit eligibility for Medicaid benefits. In cases where it may, our lawyers will identify strategic options for reducing the size of a client's estate in order to meet the eligibility requirements for Medicaid. This can include:

  • Prepaying funeral expenses and purchasing other needed items
  • Putting certain property in trusts and awaiting look-back periods
  • Entering into caregiver agreements
  • Spend-down planning

No two Medicaid plans look the same. Our attorneys will take the time to carefully analyze the types of assets in your or your loved one's estate and determine the proper steps to gain eligibility for Medicaid.

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