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Some of our attorneys' greatest successes have come not in prevailing in a courtroom in a heated legal dispute. Instead, they have come in knowing that they have helped someone — or an entire family — understand a complex legal issue and proactively take steps to preserve his or her rights.

This work — helping clients plan smartly for the future — is at the center of our firm's elder law practice. More and more families in New Jersey are learning the importance of anticipating legal issues involving loved ones as they enter advanced age. Unfortunately, many others only learn the importance of effective planning until it's too late. Our goal is to ensure that as our clients confront the challenges of aging, they and their families have a plan to ensure that what matters most — their health and well-being — will be ensured.

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What is referred to as "elder law" is really a catch-all phrase for a variety of legal issues and services that span several areas of the law. As a firm that focuses on several areas related to family and financial issues, elder law is a natural extension of our commitment to help clients and their families face the future with confidence.

Our services in this area include:

When it comes to something as personal as your or your loved one's future physical and financial well-being, you deserve to work closely with your lawyer. All our clients receive significant one-on-one attention with our attorneys at every stage of the attorney-client relationship.

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