New Jersey Donor Representation

The adoption and reproductive law attorneys of Guston & Guston, LLP, believe that all parties involved in technology-assisted pregnancies benefit when they receive thorough legal advice and understand what they stand to receive through such an agreement. Just as importantly, they should also know what they stand to lose.

An Advocate For Donors In New Jersey

Our firm frequently represents prospective sperm, embryo and ovum donors. Whether they have considered going to a reproductive medical practice or have been asked by a friend or family member for a donation, we can help them evaluate all aspects of a donation agreement. The most important terms of any agreement will address:

  • Disclosure of the donor's identity
  • Parental rights of the donor and intended parents
  • Disclosure of medical information
  • Compensation-related issues
  • Payment for medical expenses

Because of the extremely intimate and personal nature of donor agreements, our lawyers spend significant time discussing the terms of any proposed agreement with our clients. We work to ensure that they fully understand the implications of an arrangement that will allow them to proceed with certainty and confidence.

Begin Discussing Your Legal Options Now

We offer a confidential consultation for donors seeking our experienced legal help with egg, sperm or embryo donations. Call our Glen Rock offices toll free at 866-744-3773 or complete our online contact form.