New Jersey Adoption Lawyer

Building a family through adoption can be a challenge, but with the assistance of a lawyer who has the experience to become a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, the adoption process can be as joyful as the first day you meet your new son or daughter.

At Guston & Guston, LLP, New Jersey adoption attorney Debra E. Guston is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, which signifies her years of experience in adoption law. With under 400 attorneys nationwide have been granted this recognition, you can be assured that Guston & Guston can provide the experience you need to build your family through adoption or to place a child with a family better suited to care for him or her.

We can help prospective adoptive parents from the beginning of their search for a child, and we can offer or counsel to families who may be mid-process and need to have a contract or agreement reviewed. We can also help families when their adoption process has become bogged down or a conflict is threatening to disrupt the process.

Areas of Our Adoption Practice

We offer our skilled and experienced adoption representation in wide range of adoption areas:

  • DYFS adoptions - If you are a foster parent ready to adopt, we can provide finalization services that are reimbursed by the State. We can also assist in negotiating subsidies and other services for hard to place children.
  • Agency adoptions - Working with an agency in New Jersey or around the country? We can review contracts, assist with home study issues and represent you when it is time to finalize your adoption in New Jersey. Why have a stranger represent you? We can work with you from beginning to end.
  • Private Placements - Are you a birth parent looking to place a child? Are you seeking a private placement adoption? Perhaps you are looking for an open adoption arrangement. Guston & Guston can represent birth mothers, birth fathers or adoptive parents in private placement adoptions.
  • ICPC (Interstate Compact on Placement of Children) - Does your adoption require the movement of a child from one state to another? We can help untangle the interstate application process.
  • Relative adoptions - Adoptions by relatives, such as grandparents or siblings can occur for a number of reasons, including the death or incapacity of a parent. We can make these difficult times easier and secure the child's future with a loving relative.
  • Stepparent and Second Parent adoptions - new marriages and civil unions blend families and adoptions forge the legal bonds between a new parent and child. We can represent you in these special adoptions.
  • Foreign Re-adoptions - need to re-adopt a foreign born child? Has your child obtained U.S. citizenship and a New Jersey birth certificate? We can pave the way for citizenship and proper documentation your child will need for the future.
  • Gay and Lesbian Adoption - Debra E. Guston has been a pioneer in representing gay and lesbian couples and individuals in adoption matters. With the changing landscape of laws around the country, you need an attorney who is up to date on your rights and how to protect your child and family both here in New Jersey and around the country.
  • Adoption Litigation - we represent adopting parents or birth parents in contested adoptions - we work to protect your rights and the interests of the child in the most difficult of situations - in the court room.

We can also help private parties who are just beginning to search for a party to engage in a private adoption with. Our reputation within, and familiarity with, the adoption community can be beneficial to our clients.

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For experienced assistance with your adoption from a Fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys, call 201-447-6660 or simply contact us online to set up your free initial adoption consultation. Major credits cards and payment plans are accepted for our clients' convenience.