New Jersey Adoption Attorney

Experience To Help You Navigate Difficult Family Questions

Through both evolution of the law and advancements in reproductive technologies, it has become possible for more couples than ever to start and expand their families.

Considering the adoption of a child or the use of assisted reproductive technologies can present complex legal questions and understandable anxiety. At Guston & Guston, LLP, our attorneys are experienced in these complicated areas of the law and related family law issues. We offer the guidance our New Jersey clients need to have peace of mind that their legal interests are protected as they consider their options for building their families.

Managing partner Debra E. Guston is a member of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys as well as the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys. We are dedicated to excellence in representing clients in this highly technical area of the law.

Our Firm's Services

We have stayed at the forefront of developments in the area of adoption law. We assist couples seeking to adopt stepchildren, foster children and grandchildren, as well as people requiring experienced counsel for navigating the process of agency adoptions and private placement adoptions. We also have extensive experience helping gay and lesbian couples navigate what can seem like a patchwork of laws pertaining to their rights as adoptive parents.

In the area of assisted reproductive technology, we represent both intended parents and potential surrogates, helping them understand their rights and responsibilities under surrogacy agreements. We also provide experienced advice and representation to prospective ova, embryo and sperm donors who seek to assist couples in realizing their reproductive goals.

While a primary goal of our practice is to anticipate and prevent legal issues through careful advice and counsel, our attorneys also have decades of successful litigation experience. In cases of contested adoptions or other conflicts, we are prepared to use our trial experience to vindicate our clients' rights.

Discuss Your Legal Needs With A Lawyer

Our adoption lawyers offer completely confidential consultations in which they can learn the details of your case. Send an email or call our Glen Rock office at 866-744-3773 to arrange yours.