Deb participated in drafting a new adoption law to streamline the process for non-genetic/non-gestational parents seeking to confirm their parentage through adoption. The new law took effect April 1, 2020. We have filed over a dozen of these adoption proceedings and all have been working as intended.

The process is necessary, as being named on a birth certificate is not proof of parentage under N.J. law and the law of many states.

Who is eligible to use this new process:

  • Married to or in civil union with legal parent/genetic parent at the time of the birth of the child
  • Must be named on the birth certificate
  • No other legal parent (i.e. all donors’ rights have been terminated)

What is different from prior process:

  • No court appearance required
  • No background checks
  • No home study
  • Quick turn around

Give us a call to discuss your eligibility and why confirming parentage through adoption is so important.